A story about a pidgeon

Gepubliceerd op 5 juni 2020 om 16:22

I was working from home (quarantaine you know) a couple of days ago when I noticed a young pidgeon walking calmy around my garden. An hour later I had lunch break and the pidgeon was still there. Curious, I tried to approach it. To my surprise, it didn’t back away. Instead, when I seated myself on the ground, it walked closer up to 5 cm from.

On its paw there was a ring with a number. I wrote it down, searched online and found the phone number of the owner of the pidgeon. He replied, “You can feed it some grains and a bit of water. Or chicken food. Contact another pidgeon owner close to you. I live to far away to pick it up.” So I did. By then another hour had passed.

After work I had not heard from the other pidgeon owner. He would contact me again when I he could pick the pidgeon up. I walked in the garden, but by then the bird must have found its strenght again to fly away. I could not find it again.

I hope it’s home again, somewhere in Limburg.

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