The meadow spittlebug

Gepubliceerd op 19 mei 2020 om 16:22

Have you ever walked underneath willow trees and had drops of ‘water’ fall onto you? Yeah, that’s not a rainy microclimate, but the spit of the meadow spittlebug, or in Dutch ‘schuimbeestje’ or ‘spuugbeestje’.

So what is this spit exactly? It’s the nest of a juvenile spittlebug. While they suck the juice out of a plant, they blow air into fluids released by their anus. These bubbles form their nest, which keeps them safe from predators.

After about 3 months and having molted a couple of times, an adult meadow spittlebug of about 7mm leaves its nest behind, ready for the world. When scared, it can jump up to 70cm away.

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