Meadow plant bug

Gepubliceerd op 14 mei 2020 om 16:22

Let’s get to know the meadow plant bug, or ‘grote bonte graswants’ as it’s called in Dutch. I found this little fellow in The Ardennes, but I’ve found others in my garden as well. They prefer grassy places. That’s because they feed themselves on the growing seeds of grass plants.

They have a specific type of pattern on their back and wings, have black, hairy antenna and black yellowy, hairy paws and a long body type. Unlike other bugs, they miss the ocelli, 3 (or 2) little ‘eyes’ on the top of their head. They measure between 7mm and 1cm.

The meadow plant bug is common from Europe to Asia (till Siberia). You can find it fouraging between May and August.


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